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Discord Etiquette

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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 6 months ago #1 by Grey
Discord Etiquette was created by Grey
Here is a list of current etiquette being practice and enforced on the IGC Discord server:

Inviting Members
* Only accepted IGC members (having applied and been accepted) should be invited to the Discord server with the standard, permanent invite. All other players, be them guests, PUGs, pick-ups, or whatever you specific game refers to them as should only receive a temporary invite to the Discord server. This means once they log out of the server they will be out until they receive another invite, temporary or otherwise. Regular players should be encouraged to apply or in special cases can be given the "Friends" role.
* Users not part of any specific group of the Discord server, meaning their only group is @everyone will be purged from the Discord server at the end of the month.

Text Channels
* Each Guild, Clan, and Gamer Group has a single text channel for which to discuss their game, organize groups, discuss scheduling, etc. Teams within guilds, clans, of groups are encouraged to utilize Group DM for all other matters relating only to their specific team.
* These text channels are moderated by the Leader of each individual Guild, Clan, or Gamer Group.
* Important messages (sign-ups, announcements, news) can be pinned by officers and leaders of your groups. If you want a message pinned please ask one of your officers or leaders to do it for you.
* Do not spam the text chat to level-up with the Mee6 bot. Furthermore do not spam channels whether ones for groups you are in or otherwise or you will be put on a temporary time-out or banned from the server.
* Please post any NSFW content in the appropriate "nsfw-stuff" text channel. Messages that violate typical NSFW standards will be deleted or removed. If you are not sure what this means, please Google it. In general, any nudity (frontal, side, rear) is considered NSFW in nearly all cases.
* Additional text channels can be added upon consideration of the administration.

Voice Channels
* Each Guild, Clan, and Gamer Group has one or more voice channels that can be utilized during gaming sessions. Additional channels can be added or removed at the discretion of your team's leadership or by administration of the Discord server.
* Voice channels can be renamed by your team's leader or any administrator on the Discord server. Please put your requests in via your team's leader first.
* In general utilizing push-to-talk (PTT) is ideal for all involved. The setting to force PTT may be turned on by your team's leadership at their discretion. So if Voice activation is not working in your channel, there is a good chance that setting has been deemed necessary by your team's leader or the Discord administration.
* Additional voice channels can be added upon consideration of the administration.

NSFW items
* IGC's Discord features a NSFW text channel. Joining this channel can be done by request to an administrator of the server. You will not see this channel with any other role permission but the one specifically for this channel.
* All NSFW media can and should only be posted in the "nsfw-stuff" text channel.
* Nothing is off-limits in this channel so beware of entry. There is a NSFW warning that will pop-up when you initially click this channel in the event you "make a mistake" while browsing Discord at work.
* IGC and its administrators take no (0, none) responsibility for job loss, damages (emotional or otherwise), or the inability to unsee anything that you may incur from viewing this channel.

These guidelines are subject to change. When they are modified a reply will be made in this thread notifying members. In addition a message will be sent to the #announcement channel on Discord notifying members an update has been made in this thread.
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1 year 6 months ago #2 by Grey
Replied by Grey on topic Discord Etiquette
Edits have been made. Highlights include the removal of any mentions to NSFW content as that text channel, and the accompanying role, have now been deleted. Furthermore as a rule of thumb each text channel is now "moderated" by the Leader of the respective Guild, Clan, or Gamer Group.