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  • IGC Podcast #86 - Git Gud, They Said

    This week we're all caught up on Mass Effect: Andromeda! It's been a big year of releases so far with many more to come. We're gonna talk about the news, announcements and debuts, and tell you what games are coming so you can salivate over them, and update you on our fantasy draft. Check it out now. or something.

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  • IGC Podcast #85 - Let's Switch It Up

    The Nintendo Switch has arrived and boy has it been a rocky launch. Nintendo fanboys don't seemed phased however. In any case we're going to review all the details of the launch and then talk about things other than the Switch. You know, like the upcoming release, our fantasy draft, and any other news you may missed among the sea of Nintendo articles. Don't worry, we got your covered.

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  • Tabletop Afternoon 3.4.17 - Secret Palpatine

    This week's game features a Star Wars themed variant of the extremely popular (on Tabletop Simulator) Secret Hitler, called Secret Palpatine.  Will the Separatists be able to outsmart and deceive the Loyalists and install a new Dark Lord of the Sith?  Will someone finally assassinate Jar Jar Binks and save the galaxy from his terror?  This is definitely the video you are looking for!  *Jedi Mind Trick* 

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  • Overwatch is Back!

    That's right! Time to get your Overwatch back on!

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Website/Forum Modifications

6 years 5 days ago #71 by Grey Jorildyn
Groups are now all tied into Ranks. Ranks now provide members with a number of stars above or below their avatar (depending on active template). The star system works in this way:

0 stars = former/retired member
1 star = trial period members across all guilds
2 stars = any guild member
3 stars = all basic guild leaders, forum moderators, or senior members
4 stars = all "GM" ranks
5 stars = CM rank

In the near future we will be commissioning our own custom set of forum ranks tailored to our website :)
6 years 1 day ago #72 by Grey Jorildyn
A number of changes to layout and display have been implemented:
  • Generic group names such as "FFXIV Member" have been renamed to "Neutral Impact Member" for all guilds.
    • Associated titles are reflecting this change.
    • Until guild names can be finalized for TOR and Tera, they will keep their generic group name.
  • Game moderators now display as the same color as memebers for that game.
  • Game recruitment teams now display as the same color for officers of that game.

And these changes took place recently but were not posted until now:
  • The "League of Legends" forum has been moved into "Gaming Discussion".
    • In the future, non-MMORPGs will be listed as subforums inside that forum and up coming MMORPGs will be listed as forums within the category "Gaming".
  • New forums have been added but are not yet visible by members. They will be accessible as soon as I sort out some administrative stuff.
5 years 11 months ago #73 by Grey Jorildyn
The SW-TOR forums are now visible to community members! As are the Tera forums.
5 years 11 months ago #74 by Grey Jorildyn
The "Retired" member group has been converted to the "Community Member" group. It remains a group for those players who are not playing in a guild here currently but would like to remain a member of our community to keep up with internal news among the guilds.

This group has similar access to a guild initiate/trial/recruit-level member. This means they have standard access mostly everywhere but cannot see recruitment sections. Standard member-only forums apply otherwise.

Some of the great reason for this group to exist is to bring new members into the community that are looking to get into a new chapter early, expose non-guild players who are also friends or relatives to what goes on at IGC, and to give interested players on the outside a peek. This newly reformed group also serves as a solution to the issue we previously had of being required to be in one of the guilds in order to join the gaming community! The catch to this all this however is that the group is available by request only! To be part of this access group you must be referred by an existing community member!

Community members can have a player they know personally added to this group. To do so, send me a private message with their name and some information on them and I will review it. Easy eh? OK then, let's get to it!
5 years 11 months ago #75 by Grey Jorildyn
fixed spoiler tag issue we were having with coloring. working on the mchat autoupdating issue too.
5 years 10 months ago #76 by Grey Jorildyn
Okay, quite a few changes have occurred so please READ this post because it is very important to your health so you can log into your DKP, otherwise you're going to get an endless loop.

First thing everyone needs to do is delete their 'eqdkp' cookie and then log into their DKP and have it give you a new cookie. I won't go into why but it has to do with the rest of the changes below.

The following stuff has been done to enhance the useability of our website :)
  • All guild EQDKP templates have now been standardized to match the website's default 'look'. The only difference between them is your guild's primary color has been used for the border. This way, even if you are in multiple guilds, you'll always be able to tell visually which DKP you're looking at! (in case it isn't obvious by the guild banner...)
  • The EQDKPs for every guild now display inside their iframe without a scroll bar and are auto-size to fit into the window depending on how many rows are outputted. This gives a cleaner look.
  • In addition to the above two changes to the EQDKPs, anytime you use a link on one, it stays within the frame (thanks to Shiu for that bit). This means you'll never have to go into another window to view different stuff on the DKP (like raids, events, points, etc.) This should make everyone's life eaiser.

Other changes:
  • The top menu buttons no longer link to the guild's "About" page. Instead they're just spacers that now highlight when you mouse over them.
  • The look of the top right and bottom right menus have been changed to be uniform with the website. They were ugly before.

I think that's it! Remember to clear your eqdkp cookie and log into your dkp for a new one!!!
5 years 10 months ago #77 by Grey Jorildyn
Hey guys, the website is acting a little wonky right now because I am working on implementing a new bridge that isn't so shitty. Give me a day or two to get us back up and running! If you find any odd errors, feel free to PM to me.

Looks like just css (coloring) issues atm. Should be easy enough to fix tomorrow night. Oh yeah, and no mchat for the time being because everytime it refreshed the chat, it tries to reload the whole damn website!
5 years 10 months ago #78 by Grey Jorildyn
Templates are all fixed. Will work on mchat and get it working right once I find a solution to the javascript error is is outputting. Other than that the site looks and functions identical to the way it did before, it's just far more expandable now.
5 years 10 months ago #79 by Grey Jorildyn
mchat is back partially. It is not on index, but rather can be accessed via the button on the top right of the forum. Only community members and above have access to this feature.

We will work on correcting errors soon.
5 years 10 months ago #80 by Grey Jorildyn
Diablo III subforum has been added to Gaming Discussion.

Trial member groups for active guilds have been added to the legend.


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