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  • IGC Gamerternoon 9.16.17 - Unpleasantries

    Random Impact decides to play a random game of Unpleasantries. This is a Kickstarter game and if you've ever played Cards Against Humanities, it's a bit like that. Cards have a root word and several derivatives of that word on them and you object of the game is to use a chosen card (like the "black" card in CAH) and any cards in your hand to string together the worst insult and fling it at the judge! Best insult wins everytime. Canadians are probably too polite to play this game, as we found out. Watch for full details!

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  • Tabletop Game Night 9.7.17 - Scotland Yard

    Our regulars gather around the table to play a little Scotland Yard tonight. Grey plays the elusive Mr. X while AIMonster, Wintertide, and Woozledoozel try to chase him down. WIll Mr. X make them run in circles or will he be captured and brought to justice by England's finest? Watch the full game and find out!

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  • Tabletop Gameternoon 9.2.17 - Smallworld

    Here we go again! Smallworld is a community favorite it seems. Today we rock out with five players all vying for a spot on this tiny map. What race will rule the day? Get destroyed immediately? Survive the test of time while in decline? All these questions are answered right here on this episode of IGC Gameternoon!

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  • Tabletop Game Night 8.31.17 - Portal the Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

    We tried this game for the first time ever on IGC Tabletop and while we were less than impressed at first, we discovered that it's actually quite deep once you get into the game. It doesn't look like much but this area control game with a side of dessert is really cool when you break it down. Check out as we fumble through this one to try and understand why anyone would want to play this weird game.

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Greetings and Salutations

1 year 5 months ago #1 by Grevon
Grevon created the topic: Greetings and Salutations
Hello fellow gamers,

I've come here today to introduce myself. I am a Gemini, I hate long walks on the beach (that shit will wear you out), and I enjoy gaming. My gaming obsession started with the Commodore 64, then worked my way through Tandy, Apple IIc, Atari 2600, Nintendo etc.. on up to the current PC platform. I do have a PS3 but it's relegated to it's existence as a Blu-Ray player. I'm 40 years old, married with a 2.5 year old mini me. I do have a full time job, so between that and the munchkin I'm limited in my game time. I am typically available on most nights after 8:30pm CT.

Current games I am playing (not at the same time):
World of Tanks, Stronghold Kingdoms, ARK, The Division, Diablo III.

I do play paper/pencil D&D - 5e with a group local to me as well.

I am looking forward to meeting up and playing some games with you.

1 year 5 months ago #2 by Grey Jorildyn
Grey Jorildyn replied the topic: Greetings and Salutations
welcome welcome. seems like we're gonna get along just fine ;)
1 year 5 months ago #3 by Kahnya
Kahnya replied the topic: Greetings and Salutations
Welcome! We are happy to have you and I'm sure you'll find yourself at home here. We do have an ARK server which being a part of IGC you're welcome to jump in if that interests you and of course we are always rockin The Division (aka exploit central at this point).

Hope to see you in game!
1 year 5 months ago #4 by Kaliber
Kaliber replied the topic: Greetings and Salutations
Hey there Grevon! Pleasure meeting you and I am happy you took interest in Impact gaming. Always want new players to experience games with. I was thinking about trying out world of tanks a few weeks ago. Looks interesting. Are you a season player on Diablo? Theres a few of us that are gunna be starting up on the 28th for season 6.
1 year 5 months ago #5 by Grevon
Grevon replied the topic: Greetings and Salutations
I haven't played much of the current season of D3 but would be interested in playing in the new season. I think I completed all the requirements for season 4. Witch Doctor is my main, but I'm an altoholic and usually end up with one of everything.

If you do start up World of Tanks there is typically a code that can get you some freebies for new players (pretty sure Reddit has a sticky in a subreddit for WOT). I'd suggest starting with a throw away account at first though as there is a somewhat steep learning curve initially. If you end up liking it and playing it for a bit you'll want to start a new account so your statistics are a bit better. I didn't really start monitoring statistics until i was like 3k games in and by that time my win rate/hit rate etc was pretty bad and took me a while to dig out of it to a decent rating today. My account of Grevon is the same there.


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