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Ru's Lore Quests

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #1 by Alaghmaral
Ru's Lore Quests was created by Alaghmaral
Hello everyone!

Alaghmaral, here. You can call me Ru. As our Free Company's unofficial lore aficionado, I thought it might be fun to make some fun challenges for our members through the game's ever changing world and trivia.

Many of you may skip through cutscenes or not pay enough attention to the world around you ingame! Well I can tell you there are tomes and tomes worthy of story and richness in the game we play and now's your chance to think about it a bit more!

Every week (or so, as I think of questions or gather prizes), I will ask the members of the FC to join me on Ru's Lore Quest. It will be a question (or riddle, etc) based entirely on existing lore inside of the world of Final Fantasy XIV. Players who meet the challenge will be rewarded with ingame items! The quest will go on until I have a winner(s).

Even if some of the Quests mention 1.0 content, all answers to Ru's Lore Quests are found in current ingame content and will be able to be found in the ingame world as it is now. It is with the assumption that when a Lore Quest is announced, the player will seek out the answer by visiting areas and/or apply past cutscene knowledge to attain the answer.

Ru's Lore Quest
A riddle or question will be asked of medium to high lore difficulty. The prize is something hard to obtain or has more than one component.

A question will be asked of low lore difficulty. The prize is not as hard to obtain.

Ru's Lore Quest Scavenger Hunt
A riddle will be asked that leads the players to where Ru is hiding ingame with the prize (locations can include all areas accessible by completing the MSQ to its most recent patch as well as the expansion Heavensward). The prize is something hard to obtain and tradeable only.

Some Rules:
All answers (or guesses) to Ru's Lore Quest must be sent to me via tell ingame, privately on Hangout, PM on Teamspeak, or Forums only. Basically, no serious submissions are to be given in a public way. No submissions in FC chat or NI Hangout will be accepted. Answers given in FC chat/NI Hangout to other players may result in the Quest being voided.
No prizes are intended for progression. That is to say, there will be no prizes that are allowed to be sold for gil on the Auction House nor will there be prizes that are considered for raiding purposes or gear progression (crafted jewelry or materia, for instance).
Notification of new Ru's Lore Quests will be sent out in the FC Company Board ingame and in the NI Hangout on Google+. The contest begins as soon as the notifications are sent out.
Sometimes the question will be too long for the FC Company Board. The FULL question will be said in FC chat, on Hangout, and this post only.

Ru's Lore Quest #1:
What city-state was absorbed by Ozma near the end of the Sixth Umbral Era?
Prize: Two Dravanian Down Trees.
Answer: The Floating City of Nym
Winner: Kya Purrcy and Rayne Storm

Ru's Lore Quest #2:
I love the smell of a good book. I remember this one book that helped me learn of battle as a young Thaumaturge. It had conquest! It had a myriad of tales. It taught me about the creation of this world.. but the book is missing from Ul'dah's Arrzaneth Ossuary! I feel like it must be in another place.. What is the name of the book? Where is it now located? (Need both to succeed, just the zone name is fine)
Prize: Summer DLC Campaign Code (All codes)
Answer: Essences & Permutations - A Treatise of the Six Elements, The Great Gubal Library
Winner: Cyonjia Rimano

Who, in an attempt to Make Allag Great Again, revived the dead hero and former ruler of the Allagan Empire, Xande?
Prize: Summer DLC Butler Attire and 99 Magicked Prism Wings
Answer: Amon
Winner: Seifer Arumashi

Ru's Lore Quest #3:
We’ve beaten one of the Sharlayans’ greatest creations. Good job. What is the name of the tattoo our Old World friends have on their bodies? (I need the exact name given from dialogue)
Prize: Fenrir Pup
Answer: The Mark of the Sage
Winner: Ashe Fimbulvetr

What are Leviathan's thralls called?
Prize: Faded Copy of Through the Maelstrom
Answer: The Drowned
Winner: Cyonjia Rimano

Ru's Lore Quest #4 Part 1:
What person or persons changed the hierarchy of spell names to Cure I, Cure II, etc?
Prize: Fenrir Pup and Nutkin
Answer: Amdapori Council of Magi
Winner: Presidente Trump (Lars Craft)

Ru's Lore Quest #4 Part 2:
There was a quest in 1.0 of a boy plagued with a mysterious illness. He dreamt and dreamt and would not wake up. He was fondly remembered once for telling the other sick children of Ul’dah this one children’s tale that sounds more like a cautionary tale to scare kids in Ishgard to not do bad things or else they’d be turned into dragons! This story has recently resurfaced. What is the title?
Prize: Fenrir Pup and Tier 4 Aquarium
Answer: The Boy and the Dragon Gay
Winner: Kiwi Collapse

Ru's Lore Quest #4 Part 3:
Garleans aren’t born with the ability to manipulate aether and can thus cast no magic. Bummer. But wait, we now know that they do have a limited use of aether manipulation. Lucia goe Junius exhibited this when we fight side-by-side with her. What spell did she cast? I will accept any hierarchy of the spell name.
Prize: Fenrir Pup and Sophic Barding
Answer: Cure (or Cure II)
Winner: Ulfr Wildson

Ru's Lore Quest #5 Part 1:
Hey, guess what, Teledji Adeleji is dead. We’re going to need a new Syndicate member, now, aren’t we? That sucks. Who was previously considered the most recent member added to the Syndicate of Ul’dah after Bahamut roasted one of them?
Prize: None (disqualified)
Answer: Godbert Manderville
Winner: None, disqualification due to answer said in FC chat

Ru's Lore Quest #5 Part 2:
Near the end of the resistance against the title of admiral of Limsa Lominsa, there were two: Merlwyb and a famous, albeit quite aged, pirate crew captain. When he had retired, he docked his ship somewhere in the southern part of Vylbrand and used it as a makeshift gathering place for pirate folk and undercover agents of the Knights of the Barracuda, what is the name of this ship?
Prize: Fenrir Pup, Dwarf Rabbit, and Wind-up Edda
Answer: The Astalicia
Winner: Lyzi Hotpockets
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