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  • We Can Build it Bigger

    We decided to revisit the 2003 classic Alhambra today. Turns out it's still a fun game, even with just three players. Wintertide, Megabyte, and Grey square (triangle?) off to see who can make the best of what we have to work with. Who's gonna build the best city ever? You'll just to watch and see!

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  • Playing a Roll

    We checked out this game called Roll Player today and it was a heck of a lot of fun! Not a ton of player interaction but the elements that it tries to bring together are quite interesting. You play a character, straight out of a Dungeons & Dragons, trying to max your states, buy the best gear, and stay true to your alignment and backstory. Watch on to see how it goes!

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  • Nite Shift Conquers Calus!

    After some hard grinding over the course of the games first week, Nite Shift was ready to take on the Leviathan in the first raid released on Destiny 2.  Not only did Nite Shift take down Calus, the final boss of the four part raid, but they did so again to ensure other members were able to get their loot before the weekly reset. Read on for more info!

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  • Yahtzee, Codenames, Who's Counting?

    Yup. We played Yahtzee. I know, very exciting. Now for the hype-man text: Watch as we play this classic, banging game where you roll dice and risk it all to get the highest score! Who will take home all the cheese, the moolah, the bread? You're just gonna have to watch and find out. Oh, and we played Codenames too.

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Patch 3.3 TLDR notes~

1 year 5 months ago - 1 year 5 months ago #1 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi created the topic: Patch 3.3 TLDR notes~
Do these every patch as a quick reference while at work. Thought i'd share again.

Main Scenario (6) - The Man Within: The Pillars (X:11.5 Y:11.2) NPC: House Fortemps Knight.

Warring Triad (1) - The Fate of Stars: Rising Stones (X:6.1 Y:5.2) NPC: Unukalhai.

The Weeping City (2) - The Weeping City: The Sea of Clouds (X:6.2 Y:5.8) NPC: Stacia.
Freedom for Our Skies: The Parrock (X:22.4 Y:22.2) NPC: Leofard.

Side Story (6) - The Paths We Walk: Fortemps Manor (X:6.0 Y:6.0) NPC: House Fortemps Manservant.

Hildibrand (2) - The Gigi Situation: Foundation (X:9.9 Y:11.4) NPC: Cyr.

Anima Weapons (1) - A Dream Fulfilled: Azys Lla (X:7.4 Y:11.5) NPC: Ardashir.

Hullbreaker Hard (1) - Storming the Hull: Limsa Lominsa – Upper Decks (X:11.0 Y:10.4)
NPC: Denston.

Sohr Khai (1) - ???: The Dravanian Forelands (X:16.7 Y:23.2) NPC: Alphinaud

The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage (1) - Mor Dhona (X:21.7 Y:8.6)
NPC: Alys.

Moogle Bst tribe (8) - Tricks and Stones: The Churning Mists (X:27.2 Y:34.5)
NPC: Seething Stonemason.

Misc Mentions -
-Aquapolis dragonskin maps.
-New "Mhachi x item" reward exchange for lore equipment upgrade.
-Vanu/Vath glamour gear.
-Ixali crafting/gathering materia rewards.
- Level 6 Aetherial Wheel Stand / Grade 3 Wheel of Confrontation(battle XP).
- Something something flowers.
- Wards 9-12 added to all residential districts.
- New MGP glamour.
- The recast time for hi-cordial has been reduced from 240 to 180 seconds.
- Players can now stack aetherial wheels and primed aetherial wheels.*Deepgreen ink x3 per synth.
- Void ark gear/red script gear can be submitted for expert delivery.
- New items have been added as rewards for exploratory voyages.
- Red tokens exchanged for craft/gathering materia, red script weps cost blue script tokens. Goblin cups augment existing red script wep/gear. Chaos.
- New emotes /mogdance /wink
- Ironworks crafted gear augment is i190, red script augment is i200. Melding wins out?
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