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Level 60 ✮✮✮ Specialist Crafting Rotations~

2 years 2 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #1 by Seifer Arumashi
After doing some initial tests on the effectiveness of the 2 star rotation with different Craftsmanship/Control/CP weights, and spending company credits on R&D buffs. I found 2 rotations that have yielded equal HQ success to that of the 2 star rotation (80-100% HQ). At the moment it requires some ridiculous gear melds which will hopefully be alleviated by increased access to grade V material, red script offhands/gear, and i170 crafted gear. Be aware that all 3 star synths are specialist locked, so try to focus building up your gear on your 3 selected classes at this time~

Minimum Spec. Rotation

Minimum Stats: 850 Craftsmanship, 820 Control (789 w/o food), 461 CP (411 CP w/o food).

Food: HQ Seafood Stew

This rotation uses A LOT of CP, and requires you to hit 850 craftsmanship without food. As stated before this genuinely sucks to achieve at the moment, but hopefully will get better with time. Also, use as many HQ mats as possible, I recommend starting with at least 1500+ quality.

1. Muscle Memory
2. Comfort Zone
3. Inner Quiet
4. Steady Hand II
5. Waste Not II
6. Hasty Touch x4
7. Steady Hand II
8. Hasty Touch x5
9. Master's Mend II
10. Hasty Touch (This will be done w/o Steady Hand II :( )
11. Steady Hand II
12. Piece by Piece
13. Great Strides
14. Ingenuity II
15. Byregot's Blessing
16. Standard Synthesis (Used on the last charge of Steady Hand II to close the 18 point difficulty gap.)
17. Careful Synthesis x3


Advanced Spec. Rotation

Minimum Stats: 871+ Craftsmanship, 820+ Control, 462 CP

Food: HQ Seafood Stew

This rotation uses 462 CP, and relies specifically on the 871+ craftsmanship so instead of wasting 15 CP on Standard Synthesis (150% progress) to fill the 18 durability gap at the end, you can now go back to Careful Synthesis x4 (120% progress). You can also exchange 2 hasty touches with 2 innovation touches to help further increase quality gains.

1. Muscle Memory
2. Comfort Zone
3. Inner Quiet
4. Steady Hand II
5. Waste Not II
7. Hasty Touch x4
8. Steady Hand II
10. Hasty Touch x5
11. Master's Mend II
12. Steady Hand II
13. Innovative Touch
14. Piece by Piece
15. Great Strides
16. Ingenuity II
17. Byregot's Blessing
18. Careful Synthesis x4
Last edit: 1 year 10 months ago by Seifer Arumashi. Reason: Updated for 3 star+ recipes
2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #2 by Reli Turino
Dem stats tho...

Seriously, This is going to be out of most people's range for crafting this go-around. Unless they make this easier to obtain via 170+ gear that isn't Red Scrips or JSE.

Looking at everything involved in comparison from the previous patch, it's going to take at least a 180 (Crafted) Blue or Red Scrip Main Hand, the 180 Red Scrip or 170 Off-Hand, Preferably the Red Scrip Body, the astral Jewelry, the Griffon Belt and 4xTier IV, 1xTier III materia on every single piece of gear available.

Overall cost at the moment is probably somewhere in the 10~20 Mil range depending on how (un)lucky you get with materia melds. Perhaps more if your luck is complete shit. And that's just for the 3 specialist crafts.

Totally do-able, but the jump in stats needed for this round of 3 star synths is bonkers.

Thanks for putting in the time/effort to figure this out Seif. Now, to go lose a shit load of gil on failed melds! HURRAY!!!
Last edit: 2 years 2 months ago by Reli Turino.



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