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3.2 TLDR To-do List~

2 years 2 months ago - 2 years 2 months ago #1 by Seifer Arumashi
Usually hand-write these for quick navigation at patch launches, but hey it's 2016 people! and sharing is caring.

TLDR 3.2 To-Do List

Main Scenario: The Pillars - x11, y11 "Tataru"

Alexander normal: The Hinterlands - x=21, y=18 "Roundrox"

Savage: Mor Dhona - x=21, y=9 "Wandering Minstral"

Hildebrand: The Pillars - x=5, 9 "Nashu"

Relic Glamour?: North Shroud - x=29, y=19 "Jalzahn"

Lost City Amdapor: Old Gridania - x=6, y=10 "E-Sumi-yan"

Antitower: The Rising Stones - x=6, y=6 "Alphinadkfljsd" (Finish Lost City quest to flag)

Stone, Sky, Sea: Idylshire - x=7, y=6 "Austere Adventurer"

The Feast: Mor Dhona - x=21, y=8 "Alys"

Sephirot: The Rising Stones - x=6, y=6 "Unhakilaialdlskd" (Beat normal to unlock extreme quest flag)

Gnath Bst: Forelands camp

-Teir IV master books

-Flying Turtle Mount/hair styles from saucer

-/victory, /bstance emotes

-grade V material 20 brass spoils

-Hall of Novice flag in Adventurer's guilds

-Desynth raised to 220

-any craft can meld without equiping/streamlined re-attempts

-Red script offhands

-specialty crafts get bonus craft/control?

-Assign retainers advanced jobs

-Ravana/Bismark/Thordan mounts Rose/Warring/Round Lanner Whistle, Zu horn, Kongamato Whistle.

-high res ui

-Sephirot weapons: i220

-Crafted Eikon gear?: i220

-Midas normal: i220

-Lore gear: i230

-Augmented lore gear: i240

-Midas savage gear: i240

-Midas Savage weapons: i245

-Lightning event crap aval in cashshop feb 25th
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