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  • We Can Build it Bigger

    We decided to revisit the 2003 classic Alhambra today. Turns out it's still a fun game, even with just three players. Wintertide, Megabyte, and Grey square (triangle?) off to see who can make the best of what we have to work with. Who's gonna build the best city ever? You'll just to watch and see!

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  • Playing a Roll

    We checked out this game called Roll Player today and it was a heck of a lot of fun! Not a ton of player interaction but the elements that it tries to bring together are quite interesting. You play a character, straight out of a Dungeons & Dragons, trying to max your states, buy the best gear, and stay true to your alignment and backstory. Watch on to see how it goes!

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  • Nite Shift Conquers Calus!

    After some hard grinding over the course of the games first week, Nite Shift was ready to take on the Leviathan in the first raid released on Destiny 2.  Not only did Nite Shift take down Calus, the final boss of the four part raid, but they did so again to ensure other members were able to get their loot before the weekly reset. Read on for more info!

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  • Yahtzee, Codenames, Who's Counting?

    Yup. We played Yahtzee. I know, very exciting. Now for the hype-man text: Watch as we play this classic, banging game where you roll dice and risk it all to get the highest score! Who will take home all the cheese, the moolah, the bread? You're just gonna have to watch and find out. Oh, and we played Codenames too.

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3.2 TLDR To-do List~

1 year 8 months ago - 1 year 8 months ago #1 by Seifer Arumashi
Seifer Arumashi created the topic: 3.2 TLDR To-do List~
Usually hand-write these for quick navigation at patch launches, but hey it's 2016 people! and sharing is caring.

TLDR 3.2 To-Do List

Main Scenario: The Pillars - x11, y11 "Tataru"

Alexander normal: The Hinterlands - x=21, y=18 "Roundrox"

Savage: Mor Dhona - x=21, y=9 "Wandering Minstral"

Hildebrand: The Pillars - x=5, 9 "Nashu"

Relic Glamour?: North Shroud - x=29, y=19 "Jalzahn"

Lost City Amdapor: Old Gridania - x=6, y=10 "E-Sumi-yan"

Antitower: The Rising Stones - x=6, y=6 "Alphinadkfljsd" (Finish Lost City quest to flag)

Stone, Sky, Sea: Idylshire - x=7, y=6 "Austere Adventurer"

The Feast: Mor Dhona - x=21, y=8 "Alys"

Sephirot: The Rising Stones - x=6, y=6 "Unhakilaialdlskd" (Beat normal to unlock extreme quest flag)

Gnath Bst: Forelands camp

-Teir IV master books

-Flying Turtle Mount/hair styles from saucer

-/victory, /bstance emotes

-grade V material 20 brass spoils

-Hall of Novice flag in Adventurer's guilds

-Desynth raised to 220

-any craft can meld without equiping/streamlined re-attempts

-Red script offhands

-specialty crafts get bonus craft/control?

-Assign retainers advanced jobs

-Ravana/Bismark/Thordan mounts Rose/Warring/Round Lanner Whistle, Zu horn, Kongamato Whistle.

-high res ui

-Sephirot weapons: i220

-Crafted Eikon gear?: i220

-Midas normal: i220

-Lore gear: i230

-Augmented lore gear: i240

-Midas savage gear: i240

-Midas Savage weapons: i245

-Lightning event crap aval in cashshop feb 25th
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