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Level 60 ✮✮ Star Crafting Rotation Guide~

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #1 by Seifer Arumashi
What you need!

Craftsmanship: 718(minimum) 750+(recommended)
Control: 695(minimum) 700+(recommended)
CP: 446

How to get it


Seafood Stew - What I use personally. My starting CP is 399 and the HQ version puts me 3 points over the 446 CP recommended amount, it also pushes my 678 control into 2 star territory. If you can align your stats in such a way that this works for you then I'd highly recommend it.

Clam Chowder - More advanced alternate. If your Control and CP are already at or near the minimum rotation values but lack the craftsmanship then this option is more than viable.

Beet Soup - This is just a pure stat food and I personally do not recommend using it. Try your best to get your gear as close as possible so using seafood stew is viable. With the beet soup option you won't get near the CP you need for the rotation, and will have to waste one or two hasty touch on the 20cp gain tricks of the trade ability (if your even lucky enough to see it in a synth). The 2 star rotation only allows 10 hasty touches so every single one crucial.


Minimum: Fully melded HQ Chimerical/Serpentskin/Hallowed Chestnut gear (3.0 launch crafting gear)
Recommended: i180 Red script weapon and body piece for your craft.

In a Previous Guide I compared the stat difference between the i180 red script gear and the i170 crafted gear. Aside from the fact you really need the red script stuff to even craft the i170 gear, The stat differences on the main hand tool and body in my opinion would be worth purchasing. The melds on HQ i170 gear to beat these pieces would have to be penta'd or close to it. The hands/feet/legs arent worth purchasing with red scripts for don't worry too much about them until you can craft the i170 versions.

This is what I currently use for my BSM setup.

Ability Rotation

*Trigger Warning*
[/b]- These are very high value materials being used at the moment (7mil for HQ crafting offhand right now :blink: , and RNG will probably screw you over a few times. Refrain from throwing expensive computer equipment around your room. Unless it makes you feel good.

Try to get as many HQ mats as possible for this, some synths it will save you, others it may not. Having that start quality security on these high value synths will help prevent you from throwing your monitor out the window.

This rotation does not include specialist abilities, I still have not found a great use for the majority of them, and only having 3 per 8 of your crafts would make you alternate rotations between crafts. Lazy simplicity is best simplicity!

*You can sneak in a tricks of the trade for security in-between some abilities as long as it doesn't interfere with countdown abilities.

Muscle Memory
Comfort Zone
Inner Quiet
Steady Hand II
Waste Not II
Hasty Touch x4
Steady Hand II
Hasty Touch x5
Master's Mend II
Steady Hand II
Piece by Piece
Hasty Touch
Great Strides
Ingenuity II
Byregot's Blessing
Careful Synthesis II x4

Secondary Rotation~

This one is doable with at or slightly above the 718craft/695control (721 to be exact). Very viable if you can't get the red script weapon, although the full reliance on getting 2/4 rapid synthesis or reclaim is a little scary with such high value items, and no steady hand for Byegot's Blessing can lead to many fury! Credit to xAshe10x on youtube~

Muscle Memory
Comfort Zone
Inner Quiet
Steady Hand II
Ingenuity II
Rapid Synthesis x2 (If you don’t hit both in 4 tries then reclaim)
Careful Synthesis II (Needs to be under Ingenuity II)
Hasty Touch Till 10 Durability Left
Master Mend II
Steady Hand II
Refresh Confort Zone
Waste Not II
Hasty Touch x3
Steady hand II
Hasty Touch x5
When 15 Durability Remain do the finisher which is Great Strides, then Byregots Blessing then Careful Synthesis to to finish. Throw in Innovation if you had enough CP

So start burning your gathering red script tokens on favors and farmcraftfarmcraft to victory!

Also a guide on favor node locations~

Last edit: 2 years 5 months ago by Seifer Arumashi.
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