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Saturday FC Airship Exploration Mission (Diadem HM)

2 years 6 months ago - 2 years 6 months ago #1 by Alaghmaral
Saturday at 6pm EST we will run exploration missions with three airships (depending on people available). It will be first come first serve to all members of the FC. The focus for the event is producing the most gold chests possible for 210 gear.

Please update your Main and Alt Jobs as this will be how we fairly decide who gets what gear. Mains take priority, always.

Please keep in mind:
We will try to take 24 people into the Diadem with three airships. Priority is FC members (regardless of rank) > static members not in FC > friends of FC members

Alliances don't work in the Diadem. We will be communicating through TS to coordinate our movements. TS is mandatory for hearing loot discussion (don't need a mic). We will act as strategically as possible to ensure both parties attain chests every time. We will always work together.

General Airship Notes:
I hope to see continued interest. Additionally, permissions have been fixed to ensure every member that is labeled as a Raider or higher in the FC has the ability to send airships out on exploratory missions. Please use the ceruleum mission tanks in Tab 1 of the Free Company Chest and utilize the airships for the betterment of the Free Company.

Please be courteous about loot rules and Diadem etiquette as it develops. You may take friends along with you to the Diadem and Diadem (HM) but do not take friends over FC members if a FC member expresses interest.
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