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  • Zee Guber'ment Iz Mein! (Secret Hitler)

    Oh boy! Let's play the Witch Hunt game. That's right folks, six of us gather 'round for a game of deception and espionage. Who's Hitler? and will the liberals find out before the government is swept off its feet?! Not even I know and I was there! Also I was Hitler a bunch. Watch on for funsies.

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  • Deep Space Four (Cosmic Encounter)

    A smattering of the Random Impact crew got together to play one of Grey's favorites--Cosmic Encounter! In this (four) alien races battle it out for galactic supremacy. It's a game of allying, backstabbing, and a race to expand until you just can't any longer. Who will win and HOW will it happen though? Well, you'll just have to watch and see.

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  • Our Munchkins Go to 11 (Munchkin)

    Who knew Munchkin could still be played via Tabletop Simulator? I certainly didn't. But lo and behold, here we are playing a very nice-looking mod for the game which includes a ton of expansions. We threw together Star Munchkin, Blender, and Munchkin Fu for this game and had a great time. Watch as we play to 10, and then 11. It was a great time!

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  • The True Ironman Adventure Game (Talisman)

    So somebody (coughAIMonstercough) decided this would be a great game to play. We gave it a try and four and a half hours later, it wasn't over. It was near the end game but it really was a crazy game. At the least, wintertide had a blast, right?! Check out the full-length video if you're brave enough. Or just ask me how it went and I'll tell you.

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another try after the patch

2 years 2 months ago #1 by Zandia
Zandia created the topic: another try after the patch
Hopefully the implementation of Patch 3.1 will bring players back to the game......
And hopefully said players will want to go for bis gear......
With that hope, we will try again to form an Alex raid group.
If you know of anyone that might be interested, please get me their contact info or feel free to give them mine.

We will be accepting players with A1s exp/clear - at least to very low percentage enrage.

I am hoping Rufus will rejoin and our old WAR tank.

That would leave the following jobs to fill:
2 healers
1 tank (maybe 2)
1 melee dps - prefer a drg but nin is fine

we will be running weekdays - something like Tues, Weds, Friday from 8-10:30ish est - possibly add a weekend day as an optional farm to catch up

If there are any loose FC members, of course, they would have priority

TS will be a requirement

all paws crossed for success :)




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