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After some hard grinding over the course of the games first week, Nite Shift was ready to take on the Leviathan in the first raid released on Destiny 2.  Not only did Nite Shift take down Calus, the final boss of the four part raid, but they did so again to ensure other members were able to get their loot before the weekly reset.  The content provided by Bungie was one that was pretty intense when it came to coordination, execution, but mostly trying not to get Bungied.  Nothing says challenging content like being thrown across the room at 10 million miles (16093440 km) per second to die when hitting the wall.  All in all, the members here at Nite Shift put their best foot forward and made sure that nothing would stand in their way of victory.

 Spoilers (Calus is a robot)

Group 1 (Pictured: Infiniti, Karok, Seifer, N.VII, Switchkill. Not pictured because I fell down a giant hole: Relic)

Group 2 (Pictured: Infiniti, Seifer, Relic, Cinsity, Switchkill, JackBauer24)