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The Mission of Ballistic Impact is to provide a fun, welcoming, semi-serious environment for anyone who enjoys tactical shooters, and ARMA 3 in particular. From newcomers to enthusiasts, all are welcome here. We believe gaming is something to be done to relieve stress, get away for some time, or just for plain fun. We choose to focus on individual skills and unit cohesion to provide the best experience for everyone.

We understand that life is important and that your obligations in real life must come first. That being said, we look to create a structured group where people can expect that they’ll get to play together at least once a week.

Feel free to take a look around and send in an application if you’re interested. 

We hope to see you on the battlefield!

Ballistic Impact's first official operation has begun and takes us to Chernarus. A former Soviet Bloc state with a recent history plagued by the communist insurgency of the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star", known as the Chedakis by the locals. This problem became compounded when the Chedaki insurgents seized a small Chernarussian base, gaining access to heavy military equipment and becoming much more than a simple thorn in the Chernarussian Governments side. The Russian government, seeing this as potential weakness and being emboldened by their seizure of Crimea and unchallenged interventions in the middle east, took this opportunity to launch a lightning quick offensive. Having crushed the Chernarussian military their more advanced equipment, the Russian military occupied the nation and seemingly began preparations for proceeding further into Europe, forcing a response from NATO.


Hello Everyone! I’m happy to announce the coming of a new chapter to IGC with the addition of Ballistic Impact, a structured, semi-realism tactical shooter group focused on Arma 3. The nature of Arma 3 means it can support groups as small as two or up into the range of over one hundred all at once. We aim to be somewhere in the middle, bringing 20-50 players into the community for regular weekly ops and intermittent gaming. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment for all comers whether they be new or long time Tactical Gurus.



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