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Rules of Conduct

Our Goals

  • Make progress in Nation/Zilart/CoP/ToAU Missions
  • Participate in End Game activities
  • Help improve Eden Server by submitting bug reports
  • Be excellent to each other!

Our Expectations

  • Level up your jobs and prepare for progression
  • Participate in Linkshell and Discord chat
  • Ask for help when you need it! Don’t be shy
  • Help one another
  • Do not cheat - This is a zero tolerance policy

Event Rules

  • Be geared appropriately for your level for progression content
  • Understand the basic strategies for the event
  • Be on-time for events (this is very important)
  • We do not communicate with other groups using /say
  • Use the RSVP feature in the #si-events channel

List of Official Events

  • Sky - farming or killing gods
  • Dynamis - farming or clear/win runs
  • Ground HNM - All NQ or HQ spawns
  • Sea - farming or killing gods
  • Limbus
  • ToAU HNM & Einherjar
  • Certain force-pop NMs


  • Bank minimums
    • The bank will seek to maintain a balance of 30 of each 100-type currency at all times
  •  Sponsorship
    • Dynamis sponsors will be elected democratically by the entire Linkshell
    • All candidates desiring to win the right to sponsor will submit their name, relic of choice, and submit to a gil check
    • Sponsorship eligibility requires at least 50 points and 15 million gil
    • Voting will run for two weeks and members will know what relic they are voting for in addition to the player
    • The winner agrees to sponsor Dynamis each run with exception made for areas that are not high-yielding or they prefer not to for other reasons

Bank Rules

  • All officers will have access to the LS Bank mule "Statica".
  • The bank will seek to maintain a minimum of 10 million gil to cover the cost of Dynamis when there is no sponsor.
  • The bank will attempt to keep the following items (and quantities) in reserve at all times:
    • Angel Skin (3)
    • Behemoth Hide (4)
    • Divine Log (2)
    • Dragon Blood (10)
    • Ocl. Ingot (2)
    • Oxblood (3)
    • Siren's Hair (4)

The Inactivity Policy

  • After 30 days of inactivity you will be changed to Friend rank
  • After 60 days you will be removed from Discord
  • If you plan to be away for longer, please notify an officer


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open