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Static Impact will utilize a Wishlist System for distributing most loot that drops from events. Please read below for full details on how it all works!

Tiers & Priority Slots

Each character will be given an entry on each wishlist spreadsheet. Main characters are able to submit three wishlist items per tier. Alternate characters can submit two wishlist items per tier. Mains and alts each have five tiers to complete. Lower-numbered tiers have higher priority than higher-numbered tiers (ie. Tier 1 is higher than Tier 2).

Loot Distribution

Loot will be distributed based on tier, and then by priority slot as a secondary consideration.


  • Player A has a piece of gear in Tier 1, Slot 2 and Player B has that same piece of gear declared in Tier 1 Slot 3, Player A wins the gear.
  • Player A has a piece of gear in Tier 3, Slot 3 and Player B has that same piece of gear in Tier 2, Slot 1, Player B wins the gear.

**If one or more players have the same piece of gear in the same tier and priority slot, tiebreakers will be used to determine the winner (see below).

Upon loot dropping, leaders will use the wishlist standings sheets to determine who the winner is and settle any tiebreakers. The winner will be declared on LS chat and/or Discord. The winner, and the winner only, will then cast lots on the loot, and everyone else in the alliance or party will pass the item to that player.

That piece of gear will then be removed on the appropriate wishlist entry for that player, and receive an entry in our drops sheet, denoting when it was obtained.

Please note that players may "pass" a piece of gear to another member if that member shares the same priority they do.

Should an item that can be sold is not declared on wishlist by anyone at time of drop, it will go to the LS bank to be sold for gil.  

Rare/Ex items that are not declared on wishlist by anyone at time of drop will go free lot.


  • If there is a tie in both tier and priority slot, total attendance points will be used to determine who actually wins the gear.
  • In case of a tie in attendance points, all tied players will cast lots and the winner will receive the gear.
  • Players involved in a complete tie can choose to pass to another tied player.
  • See "Earning Points" below for how points are accumulated.
  • The following items consider jobs, in the order indicated, prior to points for the purpose of settling tiebreakers:
    • Ridill (DRK > WAR > THF > SAM/RNG/BST)
    • Defending Ring (PLD or NIN > All other Jobs)
    • Shadow Ring (PLD or NIN > All other Jobs)
    • Shadow Mantle (PLD or NIN > All other Jobs)

Submitting Your Wishlist

To submit your wishlist items you must first review all relevant gear that drops in an event and then determine what order you want that gear in. You will create five lists (one for each tier) of three items (two for alts) each, in descending priority. Then, submit those lists to the Linkshell Master via Discord DM. Please use the following, or a similar, format:

  • Tier 1: Kirin’s Osode, Byakko’s Haidate, N.Abj: Hands
  • Tier 2: Suzaku’s Sune-ate, A.Abj: Legs, M.Abj: Head Etc…

** You must meet the level requirement in order to place gear on Tiers 1 or 2.

You may declare equipment you cannot wear on Tiers 3, 4, and 5 only.


You may submit a partial tier (less than 3 items for mains, or less than 2 for alts) in the event you have not leveled multiple jobs or there simply isn’t anymore gear you want from a particular event.  You may want to leave open spaces on your wishlist in the event you are leveling new jobs and may want to modify your list later (see below!).

Wishlists will be hidden at all times so that players cannot "game the system" against one another.  Taking or disseminating screenshots of the raw wishlists while they are being edited will result in a loss of points determined by officers.

Modifying Your Wishlist

A player's Wishlist can be modified if the one of the following conditions is met:

  • Completion of a single tier of gear: You may then shuffle around all remaining tiers, below the completed tier, as you wish.
  • When an additional wishlist is be added to our master sheet:  As major content is added to the game and/or our official list of end game events expands.
  • Upon reaching Level 75 on a new job: You may modify any tiers you did not receive items from.  All other tiers are "locked in" even if just one item was obtained in that tier.

** Characters must still meet the equip requirement to place items on Tier 1 or 2. All other gear can be placed on Tier 3 or below, regardless of ability to equip.

  • New players to the Linkshell can only submit items for any event wishlist after earning 5 points.
  • Any changes to a wishlist must occur by the stated deadline.  Please be sure to see our #si-announcements channel for that information.

Earning Points

  • One hour of participation at any event earns 1 point (rounded up)
  • Alternate characters earn the same amount of points as main characters
  • In the event a HNM spawns within one hour of opening, a minimum of one point will be awarded to all present at the time of spawn
    • Points for all "Ground" mobs will be maintained separately from all other events.
    • Points are awarded at the end of the camp and only when there was a legitimate kill force present.
  • Points will also be awarded for retrieving relevant and usable times of death from event mobs.  One point will be earned for this.
    • These points are awarded when there there aren't enough members to legitimately kill the mob that spawned.
    • For Fafnir/Behemoth/Adamantoise camps, the next-day start time for the camp must fall within the hours of 3 PM and 11 PM EST.
    • Members killing Behemoth or Adamantoise outside of this window may determine the fate of the items dropped among their party.
    • The two rules above this one are suspended on Friday and Saturday.
  • Points will also be awarded for retrieving needed pop items from Sky and Sea outside of scheduled event times.
    • Each needed pop item will earn you 1 point.
    • Pop items will only be banked up to six (6).  Please see relevant tabs in our master spreadsheet to see currently banked items.
    • A maximum of six (6) members will be awarded these points.
    • We will accept the following pop items even when the maximum are banked.  They are worth an increased number of points.
      • Autumnstone (3 points)
      • Springstone (2 points)

Spending Points

      • Players can now spend points (once per week) in the following manner:
Cost Wishlist (within pool)* Sky + Ground Dynamis**
1   Equivalent to 50k (must purchase item on drop)  
3     Purchase one "100" currency from the Linkshell Bank.
7     Sponsor a Dynamis run.***
10 Swap up to two unattained items on a single wishlist.    
25 Swap up to three unattained items on a single wishlist.    
50 Submit a new wishlist for one event! All tiers are unlocked.    
100 Submit new wishlists for every event, regardless of pool! All tiers are unlocked.    

* Any modification to a wishlist must still follow the basic guidelines for gear lotting eligibility.

** Sponsor opportunities are only available in the event that there is no current sponsor or the current sponsor does not wish to sponsor a particular run.

*** Sponsors will be charged this amount of points for each run they sponsor.

Sellable/Craftable Items (Sky)

  • Craftable items that create “Cursed” gear will be crafted into the finished product and provided to the winner of the abjuration item to create the final gear in the order in which items were won.  Items obtained via Free Lot will not be added to this priority list. (ie. Siren’s Hair, Divine Log, Angel Skin, etc.)
  • Other sellable items not used for “Cursed” synths will be sent to the bank and sold for gil on the AH, however a small stock of these craftable will be kept for future synths due to their rarity.
  • In some cases we may craft sellables into a finished product that may yield higher gains for the bank. (ie. Damascus Ingot into Haubergeon)
  • In the event the sellable item is crafted into a HQ item (ie. Haubergeon +1), the crafter will be tipped 10% (or a negotiated amount) of the current market value for the item prior to or upon completion of the sale of said item.
  • In the event the sellable item is crafted into a HQ that produces multiple of that item (ie. Divine Logs HQs into Divine Lumber x2/3), only a single product will be provided for a Cursed synth item. All excess items will be placed in the bank and provided to future winners of abjurations requiring Cursed synths.
  • Members may purchase craftable from the bank at a discount.

Sellable/Craftable Items (Ground)

  • The finished product of certain craftable items used in an equipment craft may be selected for your wishlist.
  • Applicable items include: Cerberus Mantle, Hades Sainti, and Sha'ir Manteel.
    • In the case of Cerberus-generated items, we will provide at least a NQ for each member who has it on their wishlist, then once all players that declared have one, we will attempt to make HQ for every player that declared it, in the order in which they received their NQ.  
    • NQ will go up for sale or passed to another members of the LS at the discretion of leadership.
  • All other crafting ingredients will go to the bank and be stockpiled or sold when we have enough to cover future synths. 
  • Members may purchase these at a discount, they may be placed on the market as-is, or crafted into finished products to then be sold on the market.
  • Special: The items Hydra Scale and Cerberus Claw may be crafted into Orochi Nodowa and Cerberus Bow, respectively, and provided to members that need them either for personal use or to enhance the utility of certain jobs.  The player who receives the item must be present at the time of kill.


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