General Rules

1. We have the following membership ranks:



Raid Leader


Trial Member

Friends & Family



1. Members are encouraged to attend as many FC events as possible each week.

2. Members are considered inactive after 30 days of inactivity and will be removed from the Free Company after 60 days of inactivity.

3. Active event times

Monday - Friday: 7:00pm - 12am EST

Raiding Schedule: 8:00pm - 11:30pm EST any day (determined by raid groups)

Weekends: All day / Open schedule

4. Members may do pick-up groups (PUGs) any time they wish outside of event times as long as event lockouts do not impede on group progression or rewards.


Rules of Conduct

1. Members should be of good moral character and represents Neutral Impact and the Impact Gaming Community well.

2. Members are discouraged from taking problems with other players into their own hands--see a leader first!

3. Harassment of members in other Free Company's is strictly prohibited.

This includes verbal harassment via a public channel (say, shout, etc.)

4. Community Sites / NI Forums / Meetings

Members are expected to follow our forum etiquette guidelines.

Members are expected to check these forums at least once per day.

5. 3rd-party Applications

Any application that provides you with an unfair advantage over others players are prohibited.

Any application that allows you to perform actions within the game that you cannot normally perform are prohibited.

Approval of 3rd party applications will be taken on a case-by-case basis.


Membership Status

1. Master

The position can only be held by a single member.

This member is appointed by the previous Master.

In cases where the previous Master cannot appoint a new one, members will elect one.


The Master cannot ever become an inactive member.

If the Master becomes inactive without leave, members can elect a new one after thirty days have passed.

2. Officer

Leaders are primarily in charge of the event to which they are assigned.


Leaders may fulfill role of Master as needed.

Leaders may not be inactive without leave for more than thirty days.

May be appointed or elected.

3. Raid Leader

Raid Leaders are primarily in charge of the event to which they are assigned.


Raid Leaders may not be inactive without leave for more than thirty days.

May be appointed or elected.

4. Raider

Members are the standard rank of all players within the Free Company.

You must fill out a New Member application and be accepted as a trial member to be considered for Raider status.


Raiders will be considered inactive after 30 days of inactivity and will be removed from the Free Company after 60 days of inactivity.

5. Trial Member

A player is placed into the Trial Member group during their trial period.

Trial periods last two weeks.

Members will vote on the auditioning member in a poll after their trial period.


You may be denied an upgrade and have your trial period extended if member votes do not turn out favorably.

Forums: Trial Members will not be able to vote on any Free Company polls.

Will be removed from Free Company if they are inactive within 14 days of being invited unless an extension is requested.

6. Friends & Family

F&F members have similar rights and privileges as Trial Members.

These members are not required to participate in events and will rarely be asked to fill raid slots.


May apply to be upgraded to "Trial Member" in order to raid anytime recruitment requirements for New Member applicants is met.

A player may be placed in this group if they become inactive (does not apply to Trial Members).


NI Leadership

Guild Leader

Athrin Siren


Ashe Fimbulvetr

Zandia Wilder


Alaghmaral Tumet

Rayne Storm

Seifer Arumashi

Raid Leader

Kiwi Collapse



NI Recruitment

Desired Jobs:

  Bard Medium!
   Black Mage Medium!
  Dragoon Medium!
  Machinist Medium!
  Monk Medium!
  Ninja Medium!
   Summoner Medium!
  Dark Knight Medium!
  Paladin Medium!
  Warrior Medium!
  Astrologian Medium!
   Scholar Medium!
   White Mage Medium!

Apply now!

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