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Goals: End-game PvE
Timezones: North American (EST, CST, MST, PST)
Server: Hyperion [Legacy]


Mission Statement

Neutral Impact firmly believes the game is not a job. We all have busy personal lives to attend to and that will always take priority over the game.  While our Free Company is not strictly a social group, our social pearl is.  We believe the group and the individual are equal. By extension, we believe members should get the respect they deserve and so transparency is important to us for all things; banks, policies, and planning. Our group believes in always moving forward and as such, all our actions will be focused on reaching the end game and participating in it as best we can, as fast as we can. Lastly, we also believe that the most fair gaming environment is created using custom-tailored rules with a firm foundation of time-tested leadership. Our leadership is experienced and highly structured.  This isn't your run-of-the-mill guild.  We play seriously and also know when to joke around and have a great time.

Our goals will always include defeating all instanced and open world raid content in a quick and productive manner.  We may not be the first, but we will always be in the running.  To accomplish these goals we seek the finest semi-hardcore players available within the Final Fantasy XIV community to bring their talent here and play their hearts out.

Neutral Impact's Team Fish downed Savage Alexander 1 after 2 weeks of learning the fight and replacing some members. The kill was clean and much deserved! We are moving on to Savage 2 and do not plan on loosing the momentum we have gained with the two new members to our group. Great job guys!

Neutral Impact's Kahnya Relix brought in a group of great players this past week and tonight they cleared Alexander Gordias - The Cuff of the Father (Savage)!  The group was on the cusp of winning this fight, right on the edge of enrage for a few days and tonight with a few tweaks to the strategy they managed to eek out a nice win.  They're a very solid group and welcome additions to Neutral Impact's raiding populace!  Congrats to everyone who nabbed a win!

Raid Leader Avant has led the-group-formerly-known-as-Grey's-Roughnecks through Alexander Gordias (Savage) - Cuff of the Father (Floor 2 for the layman)!  It was a great night for our raid team.  We sat down, banged out a strategy and really bounced back from the barebones progress we were making last Thursday.  We had a solid plan and it paid off in the end.  Congratulations on the kill and to those who got drops!  We are now half way through the raid with many, many more hours of grinding to go...

Neutral Impact's Roughnecks have cleared the first floor of Alexander Savage mode.  It certainly wasn't our prettiest run but as we had come to know the fight well enough, it got quite a bit easier for us to process.  In the end DPS wasn't an issue, it was puddle placement, so we're gonna work on cleaning that up next week.  Grats to the team for sticking it out and winning on the same night we brought in Sigma!

Rolling right along into the new content, Neutral Impact's two raid teams have cleared the four floors of Alexander Normal Mode.  It wasn't exactly the most challenging content we've seen from Square Enix since the game's launch but it has given us some nice gear upgrades and a lot of time to kill for the next couple of weeks.  Grats to those who got the clear!


NI Leadership

Guild Leader

Athrin Siren


Ashe Fimbulvetr

Zandia Wilder


Alaghmaral Tumet

Rayne Storm

Seifer Arumashi

Raid Leader

Kiwi Collapse



NI Recruitment

Desired Jobs:

  Bard Medium!
   Black Mage Medium!
  Dragoon Medium!
  Machinist Medium!
  Monk Medium!
  Ninja Medium!
   Summoner Medium!
  Dark Knight Medium!
  Paladin Medium!
  Warrior Medium!
  Astrologian Medium!
   Scholar Medium!
   White Mage Medium!

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