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This past week Neutral Impact opened up a new leadership position, the Open-World Event Leader, to handle the addition of Final Fantasy XIV's most notorious monsters as linkshell events.

Black Death has been appointed to this position. His application, quoted below, is a great example of the kind of application I expect to be submitted for leadership positions in Neutral Impact. Please give it a thorough read-through to get a better perspective on IGC's first ever event leader!


Character Name: Black Death
Age: 29
Years of MMO Experience: 8
Years as Event (Raid) Leader: 3
Education: Masters in International Security (Economics Focus), Undergraduate in International Political Economics

I wanted to open my application with some of my personal information that may help in making your decision.

As far as filling exactly point for point, what you are looking for, I can fulfill many but not all of its aspects, mainly technical, but the use of these tools is something I feel can easily be learned (hopefully ^^)

The following are common duties of the Event Leader:

* Managing the Raid Plan for their event - Easy enough. I did this in my HNMLS. Usually it was 3 nights a week and off nights were spent camping HNMs. WoW was easy mode as there was a calender in game to use for event planning, posting, and invitations

* Updating the DKP as necessary - I did this crap by hand back in FFXI, it sucked. I wish there was an EZ mode add-on like there was in WoW. If you know of an application that makes this EZ I would definatly use it. Manual entry is a bitch, esp when you have more then 15 people (40 people in Sky/HNM ls)

* Announcing event start times - I have no problem with giving the fair warning that events are starting. I don't like to shove it down peoples throats. It is much easier to coax the willing.

* Making members aware of upcoming events via forums - This would not be a problem. As long as leaders are in communication as to what events want/need to be done, this part would be easy.

* Organizing parties as needed for raids - Been there, done that. This is easy.

* Registering active attendance for events - This goes with DKP and is easy to track if you have an add-on/app.
* Some paperwork/filing/tracking - IBID, see above.

The ideal candidate posses the following skills:

* Good reading/writing skills - I hope that my bajillion dollar education has allowed me to do so.
* Strong speaking skills - I was an exchange student to Japan, and during/after that year my ability to speak to a crowd has escalated greatly.
* Access to TeamSpeak--YOU MUST SPEAK CLEARLY - I hope you guys can hear me clear enough on vent. I can mumble when I get tired or we are doing something monotonous.
* 2-6 hours of forum time per week - I do that now, I just don't post on everything.
* PHPBB3 Forum moderator experience a plus. Never heard of this. This is the technology part I do not know but would be willing to learn as long as I didnt need a class for it.
* EQDKP+ experience is a plus. - I know how it works and I have seen it but never personally used it.

As for selling myself to the spot, I will be honest. I have pros and cons like everyone else. I am human and can make mistakes but I will learn from them which I feel every end-game player should and any quality person in life should.


- I have 2 kids: I must go AFK from time to time to change a daiper, put in a DVD, or do some other fatherly thing. However, when it is my time, I game. My wife knows it and I know it. When I start into our static, she tries to pick up most of the parenting. I however do more then my fair share of the cooking and cleaning so it works out well when I need my free time.

- My schedule is changing for the short term: Starting FEB 1st I will be working 12 hour days, like I had included as extra as part of my application. I will be working 3 days on then have 3 days off, then 4 days on and 4 days off. These shifts will be 7-7 rotating half way through (pm -> am/ am->pm) This will last for 3 months until my position rotates me somewhere else. See below on PRO. However, I am looking long term, as I like to do in my MMO experiences, and I see myself in NI for a long time.


- Experience: I have been there and done that. I would only take a position like this on if the rest of the infrastructure is in place. We have a solid leader in Grey. Recruitment is well thought through my Reli & Ru and I feel like they do a good job. I just wish we had more applications.

- I enjoy it: Raid leading to me is not a job. It is fun and I enjoy keeping the group motivated. I roll with the punches. Even in trying to get a problem player to play better I try to use constructive criticism or try to fit myself into their shoes. As such, I have played all roles in end-game and try to see things from their perspective. I feel that the hardest jobs (traditionally) is that of the healer, so I usually have more leniency in dealing with healers. I have also played a caster and a tank. I have even filled all of these roles in WoW and in FFXI.

- I have both patience/impatience: I am patient with learning new fights and experience. I also like to make sure that newer players get the chance to not only prove themselves but get them a chance to learn. MMOs should be trial by fire. I however dont have patience for those that are letting the team down. If you dont come to gatherings with everything you need from consumables (food, pots, etc), full repairs, or you come late, I get pissy fast. When people don't come prepared it is a slap in the face to those that do. I feel my strongest ability here is to rally the troops after a wipe, and try to get people back and motivated to try things again.

- Dedication: I feel when I joined NI, I was really a low man on the totem pole. I knew though that given the opportunity I would excel and become a better player by playing with better players. Now that I have been accepted into NI, I want to prove myself as a valuable asset and want to do everything in my power to help the community out. That being said, even if I am not offered the position I would like to assist the person that does, as I feel raid/event leading comes natural to me and I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

* Why are you qualified for this position? see above
* What interests you about this position? I want it because I like to lead raid. I feel if I am not doing something that I am not doing much for everyone.
* What kind of goals do you have for NI as a leader? My goal is to optimize our time on. Semi-hardcore (funny as it is) is something I strived for when I led before. I want people to use their time wisely and to not waste everyone's time who is also there. My goal would be to keep things clear and understandable. Having in-fighting over something as simple as DKP is unnecessary. My primary goal though would to try to keep people motivated to come to raid because, above all, I want to keep things fun for everyone. This game is suppose to be fun, but people should also know that end-game MMOs are not for the weak at heart. I like shiny gear and I want my friends to have it too. Nothing l like going around town and having people oogle over your gear.

Thank you for your time and your consideration.

Ben Schnaare aka Black Death

Thank you to those who expressed interest in the position. In the future, more positions will become available and if there are a significant number of applicants, member will vote on who they feel is best for the position.

Thank for your time and congratulations Black Death! You have earned your new forum title!

Grey Jorildyn
IGC Manager
NI Master


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