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As the days past, our linkshell grows stronger. If not by merit of higher ranks, then by the very bonds of friendship. Not only have we been rising in levels so quickly over these past few weeks, but we have also really gotten to know each other and become even better friends.


As Neutral Impact is now part of a larger community, we each see the goals of the linkshell as part of a greater whole. Each member has been doing their utmost to attain max rank while also getting to know each other and scouting Figaro for new recruits as well. Things have really come together and now, as we make the push, to enter Figaro's end game scene (albeit about a month slower than anticipated), we find ourselves in a much better position than in weeks past.


It has been a real challenge to understand the fundamentals of a game that has, literally, no true manual. This has had a great impact on us as players and we have begun gathering a monstrous amount of information in our forum's member sections to help us continue our growth as a whole. Finding information on the Notorious Monsters roaming the land has also proved difficult so we've been testing the waters there to discover the ins and outs of the game first-hand. Luckily, we've been able to bring a lot of experience to the table from previous games as well and that has certainly made things far easier than originally imagined.


Within the next two weeks Neutral Impact will officially be starting end game. We want all to know that we are prepared to compete against our friendly rivals in an environment that has the potential to be fairly competitive. As LS Master, I greatly look forward to meeting a lot of new people as we hit the scene. While I am already familiar with many of the names on the server, I've really yet to place a soul inside that character, and that is something I really want to do. Look for us out there! We will be coming to a region near you :)


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