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A Semi-Hardcore PvE Progression Guild


Guild Information

Guild Master: Thanerr

Officers: Soloha, Phish

Server: Stormrage

Raid Times: Tue, Thu 8-11 EST


Mission Statement

While not a hardcore guild, Men of the Mountains strives to achieve progression within the bounds of each raid tier. Our goal as a progression guild is to clear each raid tier before the next tier is released. We strive to maintain a friendly, drama free environment yet demand the focus required to succeed within a relatively short 6 hour raid week. What you can expect from us is the support you need to succeed and what we expect from you is the effort, both within and without the raid environment, necessary to advance the guild as a whole.

Shortly after dispensing of the Hellfire Assault, Men of Mountains tackled the Iron Reaver. Much like the first encounter, this one didn't stand for long as we downed the might Reaver with little complications. Well, other than some silly fire that is. Grats boys and girls.

The first boss of Hellfire Citadel is as good as dead. We cleared this boss in a timely manner. I am very happy with our progression so far in the new content. We are still trying to pick up a few players here and there but for the most part we have a solid raid team. Keep up the great work guys!


6.2 drops this upcoming Tuesday! With the introduction of a new zone, a new raid, new garrison crap and much more. Our little guild has come a long way from the days of Highmaul. With our humble beginnings as a rag tag team of 7-9 Raiders struggling to put a 10 man group together, To having 20+ raiders geared and ready to make some significant progression in this upcoming patch. We are very excited to begin our journey into fury of hellfire. 

Men of Mountains takes down their first Mythic Boss. Oregorger stalls out, but not before rolling over several unsuspecting knuckleheads in the process. It was a close call and rather sloppy kill, but the deed is done and we can move on. Typical giant panda had to steal the screenshot. Good job folks.

Congrats Men of the Mountains for storming Blackhand's Crucible and returning victorious. Heroic Blackrock Foundry progression is now complete. It's off to Mythic and another tangle with the man himself hopefully not too far away.


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