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Looking to join one of our active guilds today?  Perhaps for a game on our watch list?  How about just to contribute and help us expand?  Well that's easy enough and we've got plenty of ways to join no matter what you want to do!  Check out our guide below to determine how best to apply based on your preferences.

Joining a Current Chapter

To join a current chapter, all you've got to do is fill out an application for the guild you're interested in!  In order to apply simply log into our Discord (connect to the right) and once you are there, you will see instructions.

Each guild has its own unique set of recruitment procedures and requirements, but all of our chapters share the philosophy of making the process easy.  When we receive your application the recruitment team for your guild will give it a look-over and contact you either via email or in the game to let you know if it will be posted or not!  If it gets posted, you'll be up for an initial vote for Trial Membership.  After a certain amount of time has passed, you'll get another vote to determine if you'll be granted full membership, which allows you to vote on Trial Members and opens up a few more forums within your chapter's section.

Sure it sounds complicated, but it's really simple!  Our trial system has brought a lot of successful players into our community and those members come to appreciate the position they've earned among our ranks.  Your performance will speak highly too, so joining groups with our members prior to applying or during trial consideration can have a significant impact on the outcome of your polls!  Network with us!

Friends & Family

Our community believes that our friends & family (F&F) can contribute to our chapters just as end game applicants can.  On each of our applications, there is an 'Applicant Type' option that allows you to apply as a F&F member.  Such applicants are allowed to bypass many of the level and class requirements of our end gamer applicants, however they also must be closely acquainted with an established member of the guild in order to be consider.  These members enjoy status similar to Trial Members but are not expected to participate in raids or other chapter events.  F&F however can be grandfathered into guilds once they have met all the requirements for raiding and may utilize the raid planner as end game members.  In doing so, they bypass the need for a trial period.

F&F status can be requested by someone who has a friend or family member in one of our guilds, even if the person making the request isn't actively playing any game we have a chapter for.  All you've got to do is email the community manager with your request and it will be considered!

Joining an Upcoming Chapter

There are many games that we watch regularly and are looking to form chapters for.  These games include upcoming titles releasing within the year, or hot titles that may be farther off in the future and don't have a release date at all.  As a policy, we only accept applications for chapters that are in Open or Recruitment status, and those chapters are easy recognized by the fact that they are part of our menu at the top of our website.  That being said, we also have Gamer Groups for many games forming all the time.  Check out the Groups menu at the top of our site for details.

It should also be noted that we are always looking to expand what we do play and if there are players out there who are looking for some webspace and have a neat group of people that are looking to settle down and play a game under our banner, we consider that too!  This process isn't really standardized right now, so requests for this should be directed to the community manager.

Everything Else

If there are any other inquiries you would like to make about joining a chapter, becoming a friends & family member, or helping us expand IGC, feel free to email the community manager!  Check our directory for a listing of our staff emails.


Neutral Impact (Final Fantasy XIV) Open
Aerial Impact (Rocket League) Open
Critical Impact (Dungeons&Dragons) Open
Static Impact (Final Fantasy XI) Open