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Ballistic Impact's first official operation has begun and takes us to Chernarus. A former Soviet Bloc state with a recent history plagued by the communist insurgency of the "Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star", known as the Chedakis by the locals. This problem became compounded when the Chedaki insurgents seized a small Chernarussian base, gaining access to heavy military equipment and becoming much more than a simple thorn in the Chernarussian Governments side. The Russian government, seeing this as potential weakness and being emboldened by their seizure of Crimea and unchallenged interventions in the middle east, took this opportunity to launch a lightning quick offensive. Having crushed the Chernarussian military their more advanced equipment, the Russian military occupied the nation and seemingly began preparations for proceeding further into Europe, forcing a response from NATO.

The USMC MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command) unit Raider-1 was tasked with preparing for the arrival of the US led NATO forces. Their job was to infiltrate under cover of night, clear a small village of a Russian guard element, and then move on to an airfield in the Northeast corner of the Russian territory on Chernarus.


Phase 1 of Operation Paladin went off almost without a hitch, Raider-1 was deployed 3km off the coast of Chernarus from the HMS Proteus and infiltrated via RHIB. After landing and collecting their gear they made their way to the nearby village. Air support was not available in any way so recon was conducted via HuntIR Grenades. The HuntIR grenade is a 40mm grenade launched from under the barrel of the rifle, once reaching it's maximum height it deploys a parachute, and activates its camera for use by the squad leader. Thankfully the village was taken without the alarm being raised and not a shot fired by the Russian troops. Raider-1 moved on towards the nearby airbase, and after a not so short (or quiet for that matter) engagement with an enemy BRDM was able to move on with clearing the airfield.


(Even Top Tier Operators don't want to get out of bed sometimes)

 After the airfield was secured Raider-1 was reinforced by another contingent of marines deployed from the Proteus. Preparations began to defend against a counterattack.


(Chedaki Scouts preform recon and harass the base from afar.)

The fight to hold the airfield lasted for 4 hours, Raider-1 and the reinforcing Marines managed to fight off multiple platoons of Chedaki insurgents as well as a platoon of Russian Special Forces and three main battle tanks before coming under heavy fire from enemy artillery. After a close escape from the bombarded airfield Raider-1 made their way to the Chedaki artillery base and called in fire support from the Proteus to destroy it. 


(Raider-1 Preforming Battle Damage Assessment - Tomahawk Cruise Missiles don't tend to leave many survivors.)

With a successfully taken and defended base, now US Forces can begin moving in and build a more defensible position, setting up for what could become a long drawn out war against Russia and Her Allies.


This was just the beginning of our first official operation. Overall, it's going well so far, we hope to continue playing and bringing new members into our ranks so we can move onto even larger operations. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you with the report from our next mission soon! - Cipher


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Noooiiice! Ballistic Impact doing the do.

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